Arkansas Chiropractic Society Preparing to Expand Scope

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH
Arkansas Chiropractic Society Preparing to Expand Scope

Lobbyist Hired to Push Expanded Scope Bill in January 2017

According to an announcement made in the First Chiropractic Physicians Association's (FCPA) newsletter dated 12/8/16, the Arkansas Chiropractic Society will be submitting a bill to expand the scope of chiropractic practice in Arkansas in their next legislative session.

Arkansas has joined numerous states that have, or attempted to, expand their scope of practice in recent years. The ring leader for all of them was the New Mexico Board of Chiropractic which created two classiifications (Tiers) of chiropractors. Those practicing "Advanced Chiropractic" and designated "Advanced Chiropractic Physicians" can prescribe drugs and all other chiropractors are called . . . chiropractors. While most states do not allow a chiropractor to claim superiority in any way from other chiropractors New Mexico has thrown that out.

Other states like Colorado and Texas had to be shot down by their respective medical boards and societies in their attempts to expand the scope.

The Arkansas Chiropractic Society is asking for donations to support their cause of expanding the scope. According to their Executive Director Paulette Kaelin:

"I want to make you aware that the Arkansas Chiropractic Society will submit an expanded practice bill in our next legislative session which begins in January. We have hired a lobbyist and put things in motion. You may announce this if you would like and let doctors know that we would appreciate any and all donations as this will be an expensive process. Thanks."

The Arkansas Chiropractic Society is financially supported by chiropractic vendors such as Foot Levelers and the OUM Malpractice Insurance Program.

The leadership of the Arkansas Chiropractic Society consists of:

Dr. Steven Bennett
North Little Rock, AR

Dr. Michael D. Courtney
Chairman of the Board
1421 Cherry Street
Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Dr. Conrad Kaelin
PO Box 10213
Fort Smith, AR 72917

Dr. Mark Lazenby
506-B Park
Blytheville, AR 72315
Palmer College of Chiropractic

Dr. Dan Wolfe
Board Member
1169 Hwy 70-71 East
DeQueen, AR 71832

Dr. Christopher Cathey
Board Member & Legislative Committee
PO Box 21670
Little Rock, AR 72221

Dr. Dale Huntington D.A.B.C.O
Board Member
700 West Sunset
Springdale, AR 72764

Dr. Maurice Traylor
Board Member
500 N. Missouri Street
West Memphis, AR 72301

Dr. Savelle Barnes
First Vice President
Rogers, AR

Dr. William Schmidt
Immediate Past President
Hot Springs, AR

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