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British Columbia Bans X-Rays for Vertebral Subluxation Assessment

Most Other Uses Banned as Well - Use Allowed for "Serious Pathology" Only

In what at any other time or from any other place would be considered unbelievable, the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia (CCBC) has outright banned the use of radiographs for the evaluation and assessment of vertebral subluxation.

According to the ban the only application of x-rays is to identify "serious pathology".

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While vertebral subluxation has been shown to have devastating consequences on human health and while radiography has now been shown in mnumerous studies as safe during routine use, the CCBC ignores that evidence. They ignore that evidence while at the same time cloaking their ban in the shawl of evidence based practice.

The CCBC has a long history of attacking the practice of managing vertebral subluxation including Webster's Technique, pregnancy, immunity, the care of children and many other standard practices within the profession.

And as has been thoroughly documented the members of the regulatory board itself routinely violate its own edicts.

The ban from the CCBC is consistent with the larger movement in the chiropractic profession headed by the Chiropractic Cartel which is controlled by the anti subluxation faction of the profession.

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) have led the way on banning x-rays within the chiropractic profession despite the profession's outright rejection of their stances.

Here is a list of the current CCBC Board Members who adopted the ban:

Dr. Johnny Suchdev
Board Chair
Year of initial registration: 2005
Chiropractic school: WSCC
Current city of practice: Vancouver, Langley
Elected: 2017, 2020 (appointed)
Committee: Registrar/CEO Oversight

Mr. Ken M. Kramer
Q.C. Vice-Chair
Appointed: February 2018
Committee: Registration, Discipline, Governance, Registrar/CEO Oversight

Dr. Chris Anderson
Year of initial registration: 1997
Chiropractic school: CMCC
Current city of practice: Nanaimo
Elected: 2013 (appointed), 2014, 2016, 2019
Committee: Quality Assurance, Registrar/CEO Oversight

Dr. Arvin Bahri
Year of initial registration: 2012
Chiropractic school: Northwestern Health Sciences University
Current city of practice: Coquitlam
Elected: 2020

Mr. Colin Bennett
Appointed: February 2018
Committee: Finance and Investment, Registrar/CEO Oversight

Dr. Amarpaul (Paul) Dhaliwal
Year of initial registration: 2014
Chiropractic school: University of Western States
Current city of practice: Burnaby
Elected: 2019
Committee: Registration, Governance

Dr. Jennifer Forbes
Year of initial registration: 2000
Chiropractic school: University of Western States
Current city of practice: Chilliwack
Elected: 2020

Dr. Stephen Mogatas
Year of initial registration: 2010
Chiropractic school: CMCC
Current city of practice: Vancouver
Elected: 2018
Committee: Finance and Investment

Dr. Travis Morgan
Year of initial registration: 2005
Chiropractic school: Palmer College
Current city of practice: Prince George
Elected: 2020

Dr. Shannon Patterson
Year of initial registration: 1999
Chiropractic school: CMCC
City of practice: New Westminster
Elected: 2020

Ms. Susan Powell
Appointed: October 2020

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