Matthew McCoy DC, MPH
Unity Through Tolerance

Resolutions Call for a Free & Competitive Marketplace in Chiropractic Education, Licensing & Practice

In 2007, I wrote a Commentary and addressed the demand by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (COCSA) for the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) to merge. COCSA is now known as ChiroCongress after they went through a "re-branding" and while their tactics have become more subtle than the earlier demands - the goal is ostensibly the same - to "unite" the profession. Only now its through the development of a Strategic Plan arrived at through a consensus process. Forgetting for a moment the fool's errand of embracing a consensus process by a minority faction of the profession, the ultimate result of their planning are the elaboration of goals and related objectives to further expand scope (which will include drugs via states rights and Medicare) and tier the profession more than it already is.

CLICK HERE for a copy of that 2007 Commentary

The new "plan" is wrapped in a package of unity, growth, acceptance and inclusion. It has a pretty bow on it and a satchel of potpourri thrown inside to titillate your senses and emotions.

Who in their right mind would not welcome this with open arms other than a rabid hate straight - and we need to get rid of them anyway - right? I am dripping with sarcasm at this point.

The difference this time is 15 years have elapsed, old chiropractic War Horses have died, others have retired or given up, memories have faded and a generation of chiropractors have been fully indoctrinated by the Chiropractic Cartel's machinery and its full control of the entire educational, licensing and regulatory aspects of the profession.

By all accounts of the evidence, the faction of chiropractic that historically embraced the practice objective of locating, analyzing and correcting vertebral subluxation represents less than 20% of the profession at this point.

And those that remain are being cajoled into turning their focus away from the subluxation and towards joint dysfunction, the adjustment (aka manipulation), neurology and the brain as if dropping the "S" word will bring magical acceptance and unity. I mean subluxation is a big word and its so hard to comprehend. Plus the brain is sexy! Why be married to the subluxation?

The chiropractic media is simply an extension of the fake news we see on the macro level and is beholden to the Chiropractic Cartel due to advertising and sponsorship dollars. Chiropractors who simply use their hands, face paper and a table aren't the engine that keeps Cartel newspapers, magazines and their conventions afloat.

So this is a good time for ChiroCongress and its town criers to call for an "End to the Civil War to Win the Revolutionary War". And every good movement needs a catchy slogan that no rational person could argue with - right?


Get on board or be labeled an obstructionist.

Ignore the reality that the membership of ChiroCongress is all of the ACA controlled state organizations.

Ignore the reality that the ACA took a stand against chiropractors on the issue of immune function and joined the World Federation of Chiropractic in its condemnation of such claims during this "pandemic".

Ignore the reality that they got several US schools and all of the European schools and trade organizations to go along and promote their lies. Yes, even the ones that scream how principled they are.

Ignore the reality that secretly these leaders that gave in will tell you that they did so out of fear and coercion - "sign on or risk your accreditation".

Ignore the reality that ChiroCongress has signed off and endorses the ACA's Medicare Scope Expansion and Drug Bill.

Ignore the reality that the ACA is actively lobbying the federal government to allow chiropractors to administer COVID vaccines.

Ignore the funneling of student loan money through a network of loosely (and not so loosely) connected Cartel members who use those funds for personal gain and to grease the palms of those who support them in their efforts at maintaining control of a multibillion dollar industry.

Ignore the reality of a monopoly control of the entire education, licensing and regulatory functions of the profession by a Cartel run by individuals, organizations and schools who openly humiliate, attack and restrict the practice of LACVS.

Ignore the reality of draconian and unscientific policies, laws, rules and regulations that interfere with the doctor/patient relationship, outlaw x-rays and paint those who inform their practice with a philosophy that includes: innate intelligence, vitalism, life force, and subluxation as engaging in Magical Thinking.

Ignore the lessons from the Frog and the Scorpion.

"Don't worry your pretty little head" they will tell you as they pat you on it and reassure you that the Cartel wants you included because you represent the rich tapestry and diversity of the chiropractic profession. LOL.

Never mind that they mean this in an historical context and are just boiling you slowly.

In addition to controlling the chiropractic media, the most important thing the Cartel has on their side is a world culture that communicates in memes, 10 second video clips and cute slogans. In order to see what's really going on one has to make a concerted effort to uncover the truth and expose the obfuscations. That takes time, effort and the development of skills that few have the patience to invest in as they struggle to make ends meet paying off the debt acquired to get a Cartel education and become a member.

If those that want to end the so called "Civil War" in chiropractic are really sincere then they should be encouraging everyone in the profession to sign on to the Resolutions to Allow for a Free & Competitive Marketplace in Chiropractic Education, Licensing and Practice. After all, its pretty clear where anyone who refuses to endorse or is against these Resolutions stands. All the Resolutions ask for is a level playing field and an end to the monopoly control of a Cartel that uses student loan debt to fund its political aspirations and its continued unfettered control.

How could that be a bad thing for anyone in the profession except those who enjoy the good graces of the Chiropractic Cartel?

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"The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority."

Ralph W. Sockman

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