ACA President Maiers
ACA President Maiers

Is Money Buying ACA Endorsements?

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) was recently interviewed by the Washington Post about the chiropractic care of children and threw the profession under the bus telling the Post that we haven't been able to demonstrate effectiveness, that we can't say for sure what's happening and that the focus is on symptoms.

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Given the hesitancy on the part of the ACA to state with authority that every child should have their spine checked by a chiropractor even though its true and because there is plenty of research to make such a statement, chiropractors are dumbfounded that the ACA has no problem boldly claiming the health benefits of car seats and mattresses.

The ACA just recently endorsed a brand of car seats and in its press release ACA President Michele Maiers, DC, MPH, PhD stated:

“It’s important to have proper support when we sit for extended periods of time and being behind the wheel of a car is no exception"

Maiers continued, stating that the seats they were endorsing have:

". . . designed seating systems that seamlessly combine functionality with ergonomic principles to produce an experience that is exceptionally comfortable and supportive for the human body”

According to the press release:

"An ACA endorsement is given to products that are of the highest quality after thorough review, analysis, testing and evaluation by a review board of doctors of chiropractic with specific and related expertise and final approval from ACA’s Board of Governors."

So basically the ACA has a group of experts that can state without hesitation that a certain car seat is good for you but they don't have anyone around (not even in their pediatric council) that can vouch for the chiropractic care of children.

And car seats are not the only thing the ACA is an expert in - they also endorse mattresses. Here is ACA President and leader at Northwestern Chiropractic College Michelle Maiers:

“A good mattress is an important factor in achieving quality sleep, which contributes to overall health and wellness,” said Dr. Michele Maiers, president of the ACA. “The American Chiropractic Assn. is pleased to endorse several mattresses which are built on demand and feature premium workmanship and comfort.”

The ACA has no problem claiming a bunch of wood, fabric and cushions contribute to "overall health and wellness" but stating that chiropractic care for children contributes to overall health and wellness - the jury is still out on that for the ACA and its "experts".

And just like the car seats, the glowing recommendation for mattresses wasn't just in exchange for a fee - it only came following:

". . . analysis, testing and evaluation by a review board of chiropractors and received final approval from ACA’s board of governors. The board reviewed and rated each mattress in several categories, including workmanship, ease of assembly, comfort, durability and performance."

OK ACA - Let's see a description of the reviews, a copy of the analyses and the results of the testing for both the car seats and the mattresses.

Keep in mind that Michelle Maiers and the ACA, while obviously not experts in chiropractic pediatric care, have no problem being experts on the COVID vaccine where they are lobbying the Federal government to allow chiropractors to provide the injections.

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The ACA is not alone in its ridiculous endorsements. Right after the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) falsely claimed that there was no credible evidence for chiropractic's role in immune function the WFC endorsed a Vibrating Chair and claimed it will "Rejuvenate Your Entire Body" - but there is no credible evidence for the chiropractic/immune connection.  The ACA also had no problem endorsing the WFC policy on immunity and chiropractic.

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What else besides chiropractic care for children can't the ACA endorse that is actually chiropractic?

How about immune function?

United Health Care has adopted the same position on the role of chiropractic on immune function as the ACA and the World Federation of Chiropractic.

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The ACA, WFC and the rest of the anti subluxation, anti-vitalistic Cartel that runs the profession has set up two standards. One for them that allows them to claim (without providing credible evidence) that a massage chair confers widespread health and "wellness" benefits, that one mattress or car seat is better than another - but when it comes to the relationship between the nervous and immune systems and chiropractic's role in optimizing that relationship or whether children should get chiropractic care, they falsely claim there is not enough credible evidence

We now have cultural authority because we can tell the public what car seats, mattresses and massage chairs are good for you. Just like the car, mattress and furniture salesperson.

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