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Florida Chiropractic Association Claims to Have 4400 Members in Public Testimony Before Florida House Sub Committee

Publicly Available Records Do Not Support Their Claim

In her testimony before the Florida House Sub Committee on Healthcare Regulation Kim Driggers JD, the attorney and lobbyist for the Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA) claimed that the FCA has 4400 members.

Driggers was testifying against freedom and monopolies in chiropractic education, licensing and practice on behalf of the FCA.

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Despite Rigger's claims of having nearly every single chiropractor in Florida as a member of the FCA, according to publicly available records the Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA) brought in $860,316.00 in dues. Their top tier membership is $480 a year so that comes out to 1792 members at best.

Exaggerating the numbers of members of their organizations is not unusual for the Chiropractic Cartel.

The Texas Chiropractic Association does it - click here for that story 

The ACA does it - click here for that story

Christopher Kent DC, JD exposed some of this nonsense several years ago.

And the Cartel uses students to inflate their numbers by using their student loan money via chiropractic college student fees and funneling it through the Cartel. Click here for that story

We have reached out to Kim Driggers and several members of the FCA leadership and asked them to provide evidence of their claimed membership numbers but have not received a response.

Recently a number of state organizations were joined by several dozen other groups, technique organizations, businesses, and coaching groups signing on to a series of Resolutions demanding an end to the monopoly and the Cartel that exists within the chiropractic profession that controls all education, licensing and practice and have called for freedom in these areas. CLICK HERE for more on that

It is sad that anyone in chiropractic would argue the need to keep a monopoly, restrict freedom and free trade given the history of the profession.

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