McCoy Joins On Purpose as Co-Host with Christopher Kent

On Purpose
McCoy Joins On Purpose as Co-Host with Christopher Kent

On Purpose is the Longest Running Podcast in Chiropractic

Christopher Kent DC, JD Founder of On Purpose recently announced that Matthew McCoy DC, MPH has joined him as Co-Host of On Purpose.

On Purpose began 25 years ago as an audiocassette subscription service for the chiropractic profession before the internet took root, before podcasting was even a thing, and even before CD's were widely used.

Dr. Kent and Patrick Gentempo DC hosted On Purpose for 25 years building a community of chiropractors committed to excellence, knowledge, certainty, and inspiration.

Moving with the times On Purpose went from cassette tapes mailed each month to CD's and now it has a brand new app and will even be adding video of all the content to go along with the audio that has always been a staple of the service.

According to Dr. Kent "In January of this year Matthew McCoy DC, MPH officially joined On Purpose as my co-host after many years as a regular contributor and guest and we will have a bunch of other exciting things in the works that will bring value to your subscription. We have grown from cassette tapes, to CDs, to MP3 downloads and streaming apps. You can listen anywhere, and you don’t have to wait for the mail."

Kent and McCoy screen hundreds of articles from diverse sources each month, curate them, condense them, and explain their relevance to your practice. They bring you essential political and legal updates and finally, they bring you inspiration and insight from leaders and rising stars in the profession.

In response to the announcement McCoy stated "Its Hard to believe I've known Dr. Kent now for about 30 years and have been listening to On Purpose for about as long. I am thrilled to now be his Co-Host for On Purpose! Honestly, the content is second to none but for me personally its more about the humor and spending 3 hours a month finding the sanity in an insane world and profession than anything else! Never mind having a front row seat and getting to pick Chris' brain on a regular basis. This is going to be fun".

Kent added "On Purpose needs you in the movement to vouchsafe the future of chiropractic as we know it. Don’t put it off. We need chiropractors with vision, passion, and commitment".

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