Does Your Practice Need ChiroSafe?

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Does Your Practice Need ChiroSafe?

Get a FREE snapshot of your IT, cybersecurity, and HITECH compliance status with ChiroSafe's Device Review session

The necessity for robust cybersecurity and HIPAA HITECH compliance is of paramount importance and requires inclusion in your strategic plan for risk management in your practice. ChiroSafe, a leading name in cybersecurity tailored for the chiropractic profession, qualifies potential clients, and begins every new client journey with our pivotal Device Review session - a service meticulously designed to discern the compliance level and security needs of your practice through a brief interview and a comprehensive review of a single PC, of the doctors choosing. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats, the chiropractic community finds itself faced with a plethora of IT challenges. With the rise in cyberattacks, ransomware, and other malicious online threats, we at ChiroFutures Malpractice Insurance Program recognize the need for a robust IT and cybersecurity solution tailored for our members. With your patients’ health and trust at the forefront, we also understand the importance of ensuring compliance with regulatory standards like HIPAA HITECH. 

So, it brings us great pleasure to announce our new collaboration with ChiroSafe and we encourage you to take advantage of ChiroSafe's Device Review session

 -How old is your PC, really? You may have bought it 2 years ago, but when was it manufactured? How old is the technology? Did you know some companies sell 'new' computers that are sometimes over 5 years old? We will ‘take a look behind the curtain’ and let you the technical age of your device; a key factor in determining its capabilities to serve your needs.

-What Operating System are you using? Has it been patched recently/regularly? During your Device Review we will check your OS version, determine if it is expired, and check whether it has been patched recently and regularly to protect your system from known issues and keep it running at top speed.

-Is your PII and ePHI encrypted in transit and at rest?  Encryption is essential to protecting your patients' private information. We will determine if your system is encrypted, encrypted properly, or determine if it can be encrypted if it is not currently.

-Does your device need an adjustment? Your network runs like a fine-tuned engine when your Program Settings are adjusted properly. We examine the settings and make necessary tune-up recommendations.

-Are cybersecurity risks lurking among your installed programs? Right out of the box, some PCs include programs called 'bloatware' or 'adware' that may seem harmless but do not receive updates from their creators and may contain vulnerabilities that hackers later exploit. We will review your program list with you and categorize each as essential, helpful/safe, suspect, and dangerous/known risks.

-How about your Hardware? We conduct an in-depth review of the hardware that makes up your IT network. We check the age and firmware status of your router, assess firewall vulnerabilities, and evaluate appropriateness/effectiveness of your antivirus/malware protection for your network environment.

-Who has access to your data? How and when can they access it? Where can they access from? Human resources can be your biggest sources of risk; therefore, we will analyze your user access controls, password policies, and other policies and routine behaviors of your system users to deduce your risk potentials and make recommendations of gaps in need of closure. 

Our Device Review process provides a concise insight into your practice’s defense against viruses, ransomware, and malware, pinpointing existing risks and security deficiencies. Following the review, a detailed discussion reveals our findings and proposes personalized solutions to mitigate risks, optimize device performance, and bolster cybersecurity defenses, leaving you with a clear understanding of your IT health, cybersecurity, and HITECH compliance status. 

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