Breaking Promises to Yourself (a good thing this time)

Pamela Stone-McCoy DC, CACCP, FICPA
Breaking Promises to Yourself (a good thing this time)

Have you ever said you wouldn’t do something, then ended up doing it anyhow? I’m sure most people have, for whatever reason or another you change your mind after promising yourself you wouldn’t. And then after changing your mind, you are SO glad you did because it was so worthwhile?

Well that happened to me this month during our short 4-day vacation up to New Hampshire. We went up to visit my family, wanting to introduce our son to snow and snowboarding (since my sister and her whole family ski & snowboard). Heading into the trip I had zero intention of skiing, after all it had been close to 20 years that I had been on skis, plus I hate the cold weather. I mean why spend money on a lift ticket & rental skis just to spend a day falling on my butt and freezing?

On our first afternoon there, we decided to head to Loon Mountain so our son could see the snow and slopes. We rented him some skis so he could get the feeling of it and play around on some of the smaller slopes, waiting for my sister to arrive the next day. But then who was going to teach him that day? Ok, so I decided that I had to teach him, so sure, I’ll rent skis and will walk around, but I’m certainly not going down the mountain.

So rent the ski’s we did (a great deal as it was pay one day’s rental and get them for two days since it was so late in the afternoon), and I proceeded to move around with him so he could get a feel for it. I actually felt comfortable being back on skis, which was kind of unexpected. It was late in the day, so after about 30 minutes of playing around, we took our rental skis and headed back to the condo.

The following day we headed back to the mountain. Before I was going to take him down the bunny slope, I decided I might was well try one run by myself. The next thing I know I’m in the line for the chairlift, and on my way up the mountain (easy green circle slope the first time). I was anxious as I headed down the mountain, and was shocked at how much I remembered. Yes, I grew up skiing, taking lessons and skiing quite often throughout my childhood. However it had been almost 20 years since I had been on skis….but I soon discovered it was like riding a bike. You don’t forget.

Soon I was bringing my son down the bunny slope holding him on his skis between my legs. Up and down we went, as he had a blast and kept asking to do it again. After several runs, he went into the lodge with my husband and I was ready to tackle more, and that was it. For the next several hours, I was up and down the mountain, progressing from green easy slopes to the intermediate slopes, having a blast. I couldn’t believe how much fun it was and how much I remembered how to ski. Yup, I guess some things you just don’t forget.

I skied until they closed down the chairlift, making some of the last runs down the mountain. I was warm, I didn’t fall at all (probably being extra cautious as I don’t really need to get hurt), and I had a great time. It was such a great time that we decided to head back there for a whole week next year, and will get lessons for my little guy so he can learn how to ski.

I went into the trip having zero intention of skiing and came out so glad I did. I guess those are the times you are thankful for breaking that promise, as it all turned out for the best. For now, we are back in Georgia where it’s 70 degrees and skiing will have to wait again until next year. But that’s okay, its great weather here for biking and running!