Why Are You Adjusting That Baby?

Pamela Stone-McCoy DC, CACCP, FICPA
Why Are You Adjusting That Baby?

"Why are you adjusting that baby?"

Whenever I am adjusting a newborn baby in my office, I usually have other patients standing around watching. People are naturally curious as to how it’s done, and in some cases, why we do it. Newborn adjustments are not like those on an older individual, as someone only a few days old doesn’t have the same problems as an adult, but that does not in anyway mean it is not necessary.

It’s an absolute joy and privilege to take care of infants and children. Just think of the journey into this world as the infant undergoes the birth process. That little body is pushed, prodded and pulled into the world. While it can happen without many problems, more than often it can be forceful, leaving the infant in pain and expressing less than optimum health. Birth trauma can happen without intention and without anyone really knowing it happened or what to do about it, and that is why chiropractors check children. That is why you see me adjusting newborns, as simple and gentle as it is, an adjustment to a child can make a huge and immediate difference.

The inability to breastfeed, colicky babies, torticollis or ear infections are some of the symptoms that happen to a child that has subluxations from the birth process. Every second of a person’s life the body is changing, producing new cells, causing chemical reactions, all resulting in LIFE. This happens from proper communication through the nervous system, from the brain down the spinal cord to all parts of the body.

Imagine how the body would react if there was damage to this system from the birth process, or even from a fall from a bed or changing table? What do you think would happen? What kind of symptom would result?

Just recently these are a few of the things I heard from mom’s after adjusting their infants: “her tongue stuck out better” (easier to breastfeed possibly?); “his wheezing stopped”; “she slept better”; “she no longer is constipated”; “he can now lie on his stomach” and the list can go on. That sounds like a better quality of life to me and a happier mom and baby!

You see, we understand this in our office and that is the reason we check children for subluxations. Chiropractic care is not only for adults who were in car accidents or had sports injuries. It is for anyone looking to restore their health and vitality. When the nervous system is functioning better, the body has the ability to heal and function at its best.

Who doesn’t want to experience the best life possible? If you are not getting checked for nerve interference or you are not getting your children checked, you could be cheating yourself of a life full of higher potential. People don’t realize how good life can be or how good they can be until they start getting adjusted.