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Australian Group Adopts Restrictive Policy on Children

Need Medical Doctor Approval for Care Beyond Musculoskeletal

The Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australia (COCA) recently issued a policy statement on the care of children.

The College expressed: “. . .concern with respect to chiropractors, osteopaths and others, who employ spinal manipulation when providing care for children with non-musculoskeletal conditions.”

The College gave examples of the non-musculoskeletal conditions they were referring to as: colic, asthma, bed wetting and otitis media.

Citing well known subluxation deniers - John Triano and Stephen Perle, COCA stated that the best available evidence in this area was either inconclusive or does not support the use of manual therapy in such cases.

COCA stated that in their opinion it was inappropriate to provide care in such instances and that parents of children should be fully informed of such lack of evidence. There is no indication that COCA understands that the focus of chiropractic is centered on the vertebral subluxation and that no matter what other conditions a patient has, the analysis and correction of subluxation may be indicated.

According to COCA’s website:

"COCA aims to assist all members of the chiropractic, osteopathic and related health professions to engage with best practice health care methods and to develop the skills required to practice competently."

"COCA seeks ethical practitioners who value research, Continuing Professional Development, Evidence Based Practice and inter-professional cooperation in order to improve community health through quality care."

Interestingly, COCA endorses the following products on its website:

It does not address the levels of evidence regarding these products.

COCA also has policies on subluxation and vaccination. The subluxation policy is an adaptation of the General Chiropractic Council's policy and the vaccination policy states chiropractors may not give advice regarding vaccination.  


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