Barcelona College Denied Accreditation by European CCE

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Barcelona College Denied Accreditation by European CCE

Diagnosis, Evidence Based Practice, Research and Terminology at Issue

Barcelona College of Chiropractic was recently denied accreditation by the European Council on Chiropractic Education (ECCE).

In their report, the site team stated that evidence of the use of relevant research papers was found in some patient files but not all and that there was also no evidence of a differential diagnosis working hypothesis or referral protocols in those patient files reviewed at random.

According to the site team report:

"Evidence from patient files suggests that practice does not reflect the biopsychosocial and patient centred care models as espoused in the graduate competencies detailed by the College."

They further stated:

"Similarly, patient assessment and patient treatments do not necessarily reflect the best evidence available and patient needs. This suggests that students may not be able to assume appropriate clinical responsibility on graduation. For these reasons, further attention is needed to both clinical skills teaching and clinical practice."

The assumption of course is that subluxation based care is not evidence based.

And in a very strange concern by the site team clearly designed to attack the vitalistic leanings of chiropractic the site team did not approve of the use of the term "Practice Member" in lieu of the term "patient" stating:

"Moreover, the use of the term ‘practice member’ is highly questionable and again does not align to the biopsychosocial model."

What makes the site team comments even more bizarre is the Green Light comment by the site team regarding a lack of "undue influence" in the design and development of their curriuclum:

"The College has designed and developed its own curriculum with input from stakeholders and no undue influence from external sources. The various educational experts and consultants have advised the College on changes and developments. The College has maintained its philosophical approach within the programme, which appears to be supported in the advice given by its stakeholders and advisors."

It appears the only influence the ECCE would like is that of its own.

The ECCE is part of the larger group of organizations and self elected regulatory bodies within chiropractic known collectively as the Chiropractic Cartel. This Cartel has methodically taken control of the chiropractic profession in an effort to make it more acceptable by organized medicine, include drugs and fashion chiropractic as the practice of primary care.

Barcelona College of Chiropractic is one of only a handful of vitalistic, subluxation centered schools remaining in the United States and Europe. The Chiropractic Cartel through the Council on Chiropractic Education has been very succesfull in either eliminating or marginalizing those schools that do not adhere to its medial paradigm.

The Council on Chiropractic Education has been referred to as a Monopoly Cartel operating within the chiropractic profession by the United States Department of Education's Accreditation Committee known as NACIQI.

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