Teaching Pigs to Sing

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH
Teaching Pigs to Sing

Facts, Fake Research, Fake News, Chiropractic & Subluxation 

I received an e-mail today from a chiropractic friend of mine who has been sending me the heads up on things that cross his path for many years. 

This time it was a link to a bunch of anti-subluxation “research” papers compiled into a special issue by a “chiropractic” journal. He asked if I’d seen it with incredulity spewing from the email. 

Of course I saw it. 

I was even asked by the President of a Chiropractic College if I would help him submit a paper as part of the special issue this journal was putting out. My response: “Hell no.”  

I reminded him of Ayn Rand’s quote: 

“It is a moral crime to support your own destruction”

You see, submitting anything to this journal would simply be supporting the destruction of the practice of chiropractic based on the location, analysis and correction of vertebral subluxation because it would lend credibility to a journal that is strategically being used to destroy the very essence of chiropractic. 

And these aren’t the only attacks on subluxation we have seen recently. I’ve alerted my readers to a number in just the past few weeks.    

The problem is that more often than not when we see these ridiculous articles or statements from the Subluxation Deniers within and outside of the profession we once again engage in an argument about facts. Such arguments can feel deceptively substantive – but do not be fooled. 

As we have seen over the past several years and especially recently with the elections in the United States fake news – even about research – is rampant. 

In response, chiropractors jump into fact-arguing mode. Little is gained since the subluxation and vitalism deniers are not interested in the evidence for a vitalistic model of vertebral subluxation. It creates an extraordinary amount of noise at the expense of understanding. When chiropractors are busy trying to prove the obvious, they ignore the important questions and issues. Arguing about facts is, in fact, the ultimate distraction and we end up losing. 

I liken it to attempting to teach pigs to sing. 

Pigs cannot sing. If you try and teach a pig to sing, it will annoy the pig and frustrate you. 

The vitalistic subluxation deniers simply want to put a stop to what you do. 

Instead, I suggest taking the long view. Instead of wasting your time arguing with these people, do something to support vitalistic subluxation centered chiropractic. 

Start by subscribing to and supporting the only series of research journals devoted to exploring the vitalistic subluxation concept.

Imagine how much better you will feel. 

Or you could try and teach a pig to sing.   

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