ICA Promotes Misleading TCA and ACA Claims in Texas

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH
ICA Promotes Misleading TCA and ACA Claims in Texas

Sends Out TCA Press Release in Support of Their Efforts

In a shocking move the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) promoted a Press Release put out by the Texas Chiropractic Association (TCA) that perpetuates false and misleading claims about the current situation there regarding diagnosis and related issues. The TCA has been enlisting organizations and individuals such as Parker University, F4CP, ACA and Palmer University to perpetuate the false narrative about the mess they have created in Texas by attempting to expand the scope through rule changes.

The ICA appears to have jumped on board the misinformation campaign by sending out a press release from the TCA that blames the issues on the Texas Medical Association which frames the issues as if the TMA has been out to get the chiropractic profession in Texas for 100 years. In reality the TMA was minding its own business as the TCA and the Texas Board of Chiropractic attempted to expand the scope of practice to infringe on the practice of medicine by instituting a series of rules changes instead of going through the legislature. After several instances of this the TMA stepped in, sued the TBCE and won.

The court bascially declared their rule changes invalid since they exceed the scope of the statute. Now the TCA and TBCE are spreading fear into the minds of chiropractors and telling them they can no longer diagnose or manage subluxations in Texas.

The reality is that the word diagnosis was never in the law in Texas and the law is clear on the role of the chiropractors in regards to managing vertebral subluxation. The lawsuit has not changed anything except the invalid rules the TBCE adopted. The complicated issues have given the TCA an opportiunity to confuse and scare chiropractors into joining their organization and giving them mnoney to go after the TMA. The majority of the members of the Texas Baord of Chiropractic are TCA and ACA members.


It is unknown why the ICA would lend its support to these efforts without first getting all the facts although the ICA has a history of siding with the ACA and the rest of the Chiropractic Cartel on these types of matters since these issues are really about insurance reimbursment. Regrettably the ICA appears willing to sell out its principles because many of its leaders are dependednt on third party pay.

The President of the Chiropractic Society of Texas, Scott Walker DC, has spoken out about this issue in an attempt to clarify what is actually hapenning there.




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