National's President Emeritus James Winterstein Cites Politics as Reason for CCE PROBATION Sanction

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National's President Emeritus James Winterstein Cites Politics as Reason for CCE PROBATION Sanction

Says National Has Been "Standard Bearer" for Decades

In a wide ranging statement to National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) Alumni, James Winterstein DC President Emeritus of NUHS tells alumni to support their alma mater as they battle an accreditation crisis with their Regional Accreditor (Higher Learning Commission HLC) and the Council on Chiropractic Edcuation (CCE). 

As news of National University's accreditation struggles makes its way through the chiropractic profession its Alumni are asking tough questions that NUH's administration say they will only answer on the phone.

According to sources, National never informed its Alumni about the accreditation issues and now Alumni are wondering why and wondering what is going on.

Since there has been no public word from the President of National - Joseph Stiefel - that left Winterstein to step in and offer some cheerleading and conspiracy theories to a growing chorus of questions about the stability of the school.

In his address, Winterstein accuses the CCE of placing National on PROBATION over the issue of primary care and physician terminology in the Standards stating:

"In recent years, as the complexion of the CCE has changed there was a strong effort to remove the words 'primary care' and 'physician' from the Standards by some of the very people who now place National on probation."

Winterstein adds:

"We are physicians, not anatomically limited doctors such as dentists or optometrists . . ."

Questioning himself about the role of politics in the CCE's decision Winterstein responds:

"No politics? I doubt that"

Winterstein reminds his audience of his long term connection to National:

"I am only the 'former president' of National and you should all take that into consideration, but I have a 54 year history with this institution beginning in 1964 when I became a student, through many years as post grad lecturer, then dean of clinics, president, Sec/ VP, President of CCE and on and on."

Continuing to paint National's accreditation woes with both their Regional accreditor and the CCE as a "straight/mixer" battle Winterstein then goes on to educate his alumni that he was President of the Council on Chiropractic Education in the 1990's when the:

". . . CCE convinced the Secretary of the United States Department of Education to revoke accreditation of the straight chiropractic accrediting agency."

Proclaiming "We prevailed and SCASA disappeared" he also lamented "but the people who were involved have not."

Winterstein closes his address by issuing a Call to Arms:

"We are not perfect, but we have been a "Standard bearer" for many decades (first accredited in 1966 by CCE which was then part of ACA) and we should be unwilling, in my opinion to cast aspersions on our alma mater now. Rather, let's support National at every turn, for from this institution come the likes of you and that makes all the difference from the perspective of the patient who needs the kind of conservative care you provide."

On June 30, 2016 the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) placed National University of Health Sciences on PUBLIC NOTICE because of concerns related to the quality of their educational programs, their assessment of student learning, and their institutional planning.  According to the HLC they accredit approximately 1,000 colleges and universities that have a home base in one of 19 states that stretch from West Virginia to Arizona. HLC is a private, nonprofit regional accrediting agency.

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In addition NUHS' two chiropractic programs were placed on PROBATION by the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) on February 2, 2018 and according to the public disclosure from the CCE, the Council took this action “. . . due to noncompliance concerns related to program effectiveness, meta- competency assessment and student performance success rates.”

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