Chiropractic Could Harm Kids According to Australian Medical Association President Julian Rait

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Chiropractic Could Harm Kids According to Australian Medical Association President Julian Rait

Claims There is Little Scientific Research to Back Up Claims Chiropractic Helps Kids

On the eve of the last day for interested parties to submit their opinions regarding chiropractic care for children to the Australian Government the President of the Australian Medical Association Julian Rait demonstrated his complete ignorance of chiropractic and the science that supports it - especially in children.

Rait apparently does not need to await the results of the governments inquiry into the science since he claims to know all about it remarking:

"There's no evidence that it's appropriate, and we think it's also dangerous, because there have been studies shown that in a developing spine, that manipulation carries some risks to the neurological system."

In his interview with 10 Daily News Rait claimed there was little scientific research to back up chiropractic claims it helped kids, and plenty of evidence to say it could actively harm them.

Of course Rait did not provide any of that research.

Nor has Rait apparently spent much time around infants being cared for in the industry he represents. Perhaps he should attend some births where the medical doctors twist baby's necks, use forceps and vacuum extraction causing the very problems that chiropractors are attempting to correct. Those facts are some of the most well documented in the medical literature.

Perhaps instead of worrying about one of the safest health care professions in the world, he should check the statistics on birth trauma in Australia - or better yet investigate the 18,000 people that die every year in Australian hospitals through preventable medical negligence, the 50,000 people who suffer from permanent injury annually as a result of medical negligence in Australia or the 80,000 Australian patients per year that are hospitalized due to medication errors.

Instead he just makes stuff up about the big, bad chiropractic profession and of course the reporters who print it simply regurgitate it without critically evaluating it.

The review of chiropractic care in children is being led by Safer Care Victoria, and allegedly will be overseen by a panel of experts in paediatrics and musculoskeletal care, consumers, and representatives from the Chiropractic Board of Australia and Australian Chiropractors Association.

Given the ridiculous and inaccurate statements already put out by the chiropractic board and the chiropractic association, chiropractors are finding little solace in their involvement.

The Minister of Health Jenny Mikakos also seems to have made up her mind adding further evidence that this amounts to a Kangaroo Court of sorts:

“We won’t rest until babies are protected from practices we know to be harmful, and that we can be sure children under 12 are not being exposed to harm”.

Minister Mikakos’ is only calling for:

“… parents who have experienced the dangerous practice of child spinal manipulation to have a say and share their story.”

Of course it doesn't help that the Chiropractic Board of Australia and the Australian Chiropractic Association pretty much seem to agree with both of them.

According to the Chiropractic Board of Australia:

“There is no evidence chiropractic care benefits babies or can treat them for medical conditions and there is not enough evidence to suggest it [chiropractic] can achieve general wellness or treat various organic diseases and infections."

The Chiropractic Board went even further either lying in their statement or revealing deep seated ignorance claiming:

". . . the Board acknowledges there is no current clinical guideline, or peer-reviewed publication to guide chiropractors with respect to the care of infants and young children, and the use of spinal manipulation in particular."

Of course nothing could be farther from the truth. There is a robust base of evidence for the chiropractic management of children including practice guidelines by the Council on Chiropractic Practice and the International Chiropractors Association. Further, studies on safety and efficacy have been carried out by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association among others.

The move is clearly not based on science or research but is a political move designed to control and contain the chiropractic profession and by implementing thier infant policy the Chiropractic Board of Australia is complicit in that action.

Adding insult to injury, the President of the Australian Chiropractic Association Anthony Coxon DC was interviewed on television about the care of children and made this absurd statement:

"Is the care likely to be effective or of benefit to young babies? Look, while there is some positive, moderate level of evidence, its not definitive at this stage.

"Certainly not at the level of evidence where we would feel confident advertising it on a website"

The "review" being conducted by the Australian Government is expected to end up restricting chiropractic in one way shape or form for children under 12 years of age and based on its track record so far it is not expected that the chiropractic profession in Australia will do anything about it.

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