Australian Chiropractors Association Bans Info on Chiropractic & Immunity Conference from Facebook Page

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Australian Chiropractors Association Bans Info on Chiropractic & Immunity Conference from Facebook Page

Latest Action is Further Evidence of Australian ACA's Disdain for Vertebral Subluxation Management & Vitalistic Care

The President of the Australian Chiropractic Association Anthony Coxon DC has made his disdain for the management of subluxation in a vitalistic salutogenic model pretty clear over the past couple of years.  Coxon was interviewed on television about the care of children in 2019 and made this absurd statement in regards to the chiropractic care of children:

"Is the care likely to be effective or of benefit to young babies? Look, while there is some positive, moderate level of evidence, its not definitive at this stage. Certainly not at the level of evidence where we would feel confident advertising it on a website"

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In a Facebook Post in June 2020 he made this statement about philosophy:

"From the outset the ACA made our vision clear. We are not about philosophy (hard for some of you to swallow….I know)."

The false notion that one can do anything without a philosophy is one repeated often by ACA's President Coxon:

"Our discusssions with government and other stakeholders are not about philosophy, nor is philosophy central in our marketing and communications"

Coxon and the ACA in Australia also don't think too much of our unique lexicon stating:

"Despite what you might think, government and the general public don’t care about our lexicon or what tribe we belong to."

He went on to praise chiropractors in Denmark stating " . . . they rarely use the terms subluxation or vitalism."

In a Facebook post in August 2020 Coxon made a series of statements chiding chiropractors who embrace vitalism suggesting that such care cannot be evidence based and that he does not like the term.

"You can identify as a ‘vitalistic chiropractor’ (not that I like the term – we are all chiropractors) and sit in the ‘professional and patient centred box’. What doesn’t fit in this box, is the view that we should have free rein and just keep doing what we have always done."

In the most recent jab at silencing the voice of those who practice in such a model, the Australian Chiropractors Association removed a posting by the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation from its Facebook page that was informing its members about the historic, first ever conference on chiropractic and immunity.

The post was removed even though the ACA's Facebook page is littered with post after post about back pain and chiropractic. The ACA considers chiropractic's only role is the management of musculoskeletal pain syndromes even though the literature for such care is wanting.

Chiropractors in Australia have been speaking out about the need for an alternative trade association that will represent those Australian chiropractors who wish to manage vertebral subluxation in a vitalistic, salutogenic model since this model is not supported by the ACA and indeed frowned upon.

Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation