Chiropractors in Quebec To Give COVID Vaccine Injections After Training

Chiropractors in Quebec To Give COVID Vaccine Injections After Training

Health Minister Says Purpose is to Increase Vaccination Capacity

Following in the footsteps of the United Kingdom where chiropractors can sign up to be "vaccinators" the Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé has stated that students and a variety of Quebec health professionals, such as chiropractors and veterinarians, will be able to help give COVID-19 and flu vaccines.

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COVID-19 vaccines are expected to begin rolling out soon, and given the scale of the task, the government wants to "increase the pool of potential labour" it said in the release.

Chiropractors fall into the "third category" of practitioners which includes health professionals who will be able to help with the vaccination drive following "intensive training".

This group includes chiropractors, acupuncturists, audiologists, hearing-aid acousticians, denturists, occupational therapists, dental hygienists, optometrists, prescription opticians, speech-language pathologists, physiotherapists, prosthetic and dental technologists, physiotherapy technologists and dietitians.

The news of recruiting chiropractors to inject vaccines comes despite the fact that vaccination is not within the scope of practice of chiropractors in Canada.

According to the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA):

"Vaccination is not within the scope of chiropractic practice in Canada. Notwithstanding, the Canadian Chiropractic Association recognizes that vaccination is a safe and effective public health practice for the prevention of infectious diseases. Members are encouraged to refer all patient questions, consultation and education regarding immunization and vaccinations to the appropriate public health authorities and/or health professional whose scope of practice includes vaccination."

In recent times chiropractors have been hauled before regulatory boards in Canada for discussing informed consent related issues in regards to vaccines with their patients. Anti-chiropractic reporters, newspapers and other anti- subluxation chiropractors have attacked chiropractors for engaging in discussions related to vaccination with patients.

All that has suddenly changed and now they want chiropractors' help injecting the experimental vaccine into citizens.

The contradictions in Canada on the issue of vaccination are nothing new. Similar to the United Kingdom chiropractors are caught in a bind with the law simultaneously muzzling chiropractors from speaking to their patients about vaccines while at the same time compelling them to promote the controversial practice.

While these contradictions have existed for many years it is more acute due to COVID.

The United Kingdom's General Chiropractic Council (GCC) has issued a threat and a warning to UK Chiropractors to promote the COVID vaccine narrative that they approve or else.

The GCC is the only regulatory and licensing board overseeing chiropractic in the United Kingdom and has a long history of anti-chiropractic policy making that targets those chiropractors practicing the management of vertebral subluxation in a salutogenic, vitalistic model.

The GCC praised the approval of the recent coronavirus vaccine in the UK stating it is ". . . paving the way for mass vaccination" and they go on to tell UK chiropractors that the Board expects that chiropractors under their control:

". . . will work to ensure that their patients are referred and signposted to trusted sources of information and recognise the dangers of misinformation."

The chiropractic regulatory board goes on to threaten chiropractors stating:

"We further expect all registrants to check the validity of information they pass on or comment on either online or offline and to refrain from engaging with or making unsubstantiated claims that are not supported by concrete scientific evidence or credible sources."

Not to be outdone the Royal College of Chiropractors (an anti-subluxation hate group) in the United Kingdom is urging chiropractors to sign up with the National Health Service (NHS) of England as "vaccinators" as the NHS begins its recruiting of thousands of people to help inject citizens with the rushed vaccine. The Department for Health and Social Care recently changed the law to allow a wider group of people to inject the rushed vaccine against the CCP virus. These are paid roles.

In the United States, the Florida Chiropractic Physicians Association (FCPA) is lobbying lawmakers in that state to grant chiropractors the right to practice medicine similar to how DO's were granted the right during World War II so that chiropractors can help manage the COVID pandemic.

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The chiropractic profession has historically been divided along these lines and COVID has accelerated the deepening of the divisions as battles over vaccines, masks, sanitizing and other unscientific methods are forced upon a profession whose guiding philosophy is at odds with such unscientific and fear based tactics.

Many leaders that have historically advocated for the traditional, conservative side of the profession, such as Gerry Clum at LIFE University, have come out and basically told chiropractors to "just do it" in regards to masks and other questionable practices despite the science.

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Everywhere you look it seems the profession's own "leaders" have been attempting to silence and muzzle chiropractors for speaking out or even sharing information with their patients. The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and Parker University's President Bill Morgan DC and its Director of Research Katherine Pohlman DC, Ph.D threatened chiropractors early on when COVID emerged claiming their was "no credible evidence" of a clinical role for chiropractic in regards to immune function. Morgan threatened chiropractors that they would be "under the hand of the law" if they engaged in such discussions. The Texas Board of Chiropractic adopted the WFC's flawed position and sent out emails to licenses in the state to muzzle them.

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While the Pandemic of 1918 catapulted the acceptance of chiropractors by the public and they earned respect for the service they provided to the sick and suffering masses, the current "leadership" of the profession has taken a different approach this time. Seeking instead to keep chiropractors quiet about the benefits of their care while at the same time forcing chiropractors to accept, endorse and enforce draconian measures that go against the foundational principles of the profession and have little to no scientific basis.

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