Pohlman and Khan Given Positions on WFC Research Committee - Seen as Reward for Supporting WFC Position on Immune Function

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Pohlman and Khan Given Positions on WFC Research Committee - Seen as Reward for Supporting WFC Position on Immune Function

WFC Committee Reconstituted After Embarrassing Attack on Chiropractors

Nearly two years ago six members of the World Federation of Chiropractic's (WFC) Research Committee were forced to abruptly resign in shame from the Committee and 17 corporate partners, malpractice companies, nutritional support companies, equipment manufacturers and schools pulled their sponsorships from the WFC. CLICK Here for more on that

The abrupt resignations were from those who had been leading the committee in its attacks on the management of vertebral subluxation in a vitalistic and salutogenic model. That was nothing new.

Then COVID hit.

As the world was starting to grapple with the emergence of Coronavirus and its related pandemic, chiropractors around the world were gearing up to care for millions of people suffering from the emotional stress and physical strain of daily life in a new normal. Meanwhile other chiropractors were gearing up to see how much trouble they could cause for chiropractors who chose to remain open and serve the suffering masses.

Within just a few days those chiropractors who deny the vitalistic, salutogenic model of vertebral subluxation had "leaders" within the profession to help them wreak their havoc. The World Federation of Chiropractic's Research Committee, then under the leadership of Greg Kawchuk DC, PhD - Adjunct Faculty at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and Christine Goertz DC, PhD - Palmer College of Chiropractic Honorary Alumna led the Committee in the development and dissemination of a deeply flawed hit piece falsely claiming that there is no credible, scientific evidence that chiropractic has any clinically relevant effect on the immune system.

Christine Goertz DC, PhD now Chairs that Committee despite her role in the fiasco. She was even given an award by the NCMIC Malpractice Company for her efforts. CLICK HERE for that story

The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) and the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) along with William Morgan President of Parker University and Katherine Pohlman Director of Research at Parker then falsely claimed that there is no credible evidence supporting the beneficial relationship between chiropractic, the nervous system and immune function. 

The WFC's highly flawed and biased "rapid review" of literature was accepted without question with the ACA through Keith Overland DC stating the same in a television interview and Parker University President William Morgan DC who conducted an interview with Parker's Director of Research Katherine Pohlman DC, Ph.D who echoed the WFC's document snickering in an interview about it stating "There is no credible research" to support such claims. Morgan even threatened chiropractors that if they suggested chiropractic boosted immunity that they would be "under the hand of the law" and that chiropractors were "making claims that they can't back up". The document was then endorsed by the Texas Board of Chiropractic along with several other state boards.

In addition to Parker University and several regulatory boards endorsing the flawed document, several prominent Subluxation Deniers in the United States and Canada used the document to encourage the public to file complaints against chiropractors that remained open during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Not to be outdone in the rush to throw their fellow chiropractors under the bus for suggesting that chiropractic has a positive impact on immune function, the research team at New Zealand College of Chiropractic (NZCC) under the direction of Heidi Haavik and Imran Khan and including the new President of NZCC - Kelly Holt, published their own flawed and highly biased paper on chiropractic and immunity coming to the same ridiculous conclusions as the WFC, Pohlman, Morgan and the ACA.

"However, it is not yet known whether HVLA controlled vertebral thrusts have a clinically relevant impact on immunity."

Keep in mind that evidence shows chiropractors were purposely targeted for immunity statements using flawed & concocted research like this which all stemmed from the flawed WFC document.

CLICK HERE for more on that story

By the time the NZCC research team had published their flawed paper, this conclusion (and the rest of the related nonsense) had been thoroughly and unequivocally rejected by several dozen chiropractic organizations who came out and stated very clearly that chiropractic has a positive effect on immune function.

CLICK HERE for more on that story

So how did the cracker jack research team at NZCC miss all this?

Or did they actually see it and ignore it?

Before the NZCC even wrote their paper:

The Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation (FVS) reorganized its research team and began work on a series of major projects related to immunity & chiropractic. These included:

1. The WFC hit piece was exposed for the flawed document it is. CLICK HERE for A Critical Evaluation of the World Federation of Chiropractic’s Fatally Flawed Review of Immunity & Chiropractic.

2. A Best Practices document was published after international peer review by nearly 300 chiropractors. CLICK HERE for Immunity & Chiropractic Clinical Practice: Best Practices / Guidelines

3. A Project Outline was created to address future issues: CLICK HERE for Chiropractic, Vertebral Subluxation and Immune Function: A Multi-Pronged Project to Address Fundamental Questions in an Evidence Informed Framework

4. A Scoping Review of Chiropractic, Vertebral Subluxation and Immune Function with Implications for the Development of a Protocol for Measurement of Immune Biomarkers in Chiropractic Research & the Development of Related Policy was completed CLICK HERE for that document

5. A Scoping Review of Salivary Tests for Immunoglobulin A, Cortisol and C-Reactive Protein and the Measurement of Immune Biomarkers in Chiropractic Research was also completed. CLICK HERE for a copy

6. And the first ever Conference on Immunity and Chiropractic was held in conjunction with Sherman College of Chiropractic. CLICK HERE for more on that

Yet none of that was included or addressed in their paper - even though these documents represent the highest level of evidence on the topic in the literature and even though all of it was available at the time they were conducting their review.

Could it be that while they were working on their paper the NZCC was positioning itself to get someone appointed to the new, reconstituted WFC Research Committee?

After all, the New Zealand Chiropractic Association (NZCA) was working on rescinding their vote to drop out of the WFC and was eager to rejoin the Cartel and Haavik and her team at NZCC were right in the middle of those negotiations.

CLICK HERE for more on that

Suddenly the NZCA was once again a dues paying member of the WFC and Imran Khan NIAZI MS, PhD a Senior Research Fellow at New Zealand College of Chiropractic was on the Research Committee.

He was joined by Katie "There is no credible research" Pohlman the Director of Research at Parker University.

For over two years now we have been subjected to flawed research used to issue illegal mandates and enforce draconian policies on a macro scale. At the same time within the world of chiropractic, careers, money, power and control were all gained by the Chiropractic Cartel and those who benefit from going along with it. And to think it all started with a completely flawed document produced by an organization that seeks the destruction of the faction of chiropractic that focuses on the management of vertebral subluxation. And they were helped by leaders who pretend to be on our side.

"It is a moral crime to support your own destruction"

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