General Chiropractic Council Calls the Teaching of Life Force, Innate Intelligence, Vitalism & Chiropractic Subluxation Unsuitable & Unacceptable

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General Chiropractic Council Calls the Teaching of Life Force, Innate Intelligence, Vitalism & Chiropractic Subluxation Unsuitable & Unacceptable

Calls Them Unorthodox & Says Anyone Teaching Them Will Not Meet Their Education Standards.

The General Chiropractic Council (GCC) which controls the licensing and education of chiropractic in the United Kingdom recently released a draft of their Education Standards. Amongst a treasure trove of anti-chiropractic standards and policies that all schools around the world will have to adhere to if they want their graduates to be able to get licensed in the UK is this statement:

"However, we are clear that practices that do not meet the GCC Code, relevant clinical guidelines, and are outside the rigour of scientific evidence, are unsuitable and unacceptable. In the same way, programmes promoting and teaching unorthodox explanatory frameworks, such as life force, innate intelligence, vitalism and a belief that manipulating the spine to remove restrictions or ‘chiropractic subluxations’ can restore health more broadly, will not meet these Education Standards."

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Of course the GCC offers no evidence to support their assertions but the reality is that has never stopped them before and none of the groups that purport to represent the faction of chiropractic that manages vertebral subluxation in a vitalistic, salutogenic manner have ever stood up to the GCC or any of the other representatives of the Chiropractic Cartel.

In fact, just recently chiropractors were shocked and disappointed when the trade organizations in the UK purportedly representing the subluxation, vitalistic, salutogenic faction of the profession decided to join the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) and other anti-subluxation organizations in muzzling chiropractors from engaging in discussions of the role of chiropractic, the nervous system, immunity and COVID.

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The group, made up of the following organizations:

  • British Chiropractic Association
  • McTimoney Chiropractic Association
  • Scottish Chiropractic Association
  • Royal College of Chiropractors

issued a statement falsely claiming that ". . . there is no scientific evidence that supports these claims."

Those claims include any suggestion that chiropractic could "enhance recovery or boost the immune system." (CLICK HERE)

The statement was essentially an endorsement for the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) and its threats against chiropractors for expressing free speech. The GCC is the licensing and regulatory board in the UK and has a long, sordid history of attacking and targeting chiropractors who practice in a subluxation, vitalistic model.

The GCC had also issued a threat and a warning to UK Chiropractors: Promote the COVID vaccine narrative that we approve or else.

In their press release (CLICK HERE) the GCC praised the approval of the coronavirus vaccine in the UK stating it was ". . . paving the way for mass vaccination."

They went on to tell UK chiropractors that the Board expects that chiropractors under their control:

". . . will work to ensure that their patients are referred and signposted to trusted sources of information and recognise the dangers of misinformation."

The GCC chiropractic regulatory board went on to threaten chiropractors stating:

"We further expect all registrants to check the validity of information they pass on or comment on either online or offline and to refrain from engaging with or making unsubstantiated claims that are not supported by concrete scientific evidence or credible sources."

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What the GCC has done over an extended period of time is chip away at the underpinnings related to the management of vertebral subluxation in and of itself. When untied to a pain syndrome it simply can't be practiced without running afoul of the regulatory board.

For example they released very restrictive Guidelines on x-rays in chiropractic that does not allow for the taking of radiographs in the management of vertebral subluxation.

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The number one tool providing objective, valid and reliable measurement of the biomechanical component of vertebral subluxation is of course x-ray, so removing x-rays from the chiropractor's tool box has been a staple of the Deniers for many years and they have been largely successful at chipping away at its use.

The GCC justifies its existence stating they ". . . ensure the safety of patients undergoing chiropractic treatment. We are an independent statutory body established by, and accountable to, Parliament to regulate the chiropractic profession. We protect the health and safety of the public."

In practice, the GCC has historically acted as nothing more than a tool of the Subluxation Deniers that control the Chiropractic Cartel and exert its will among regulatory bodies around the world. The effort is designed to marginalize and eventually do away with the practice of managing vertebral subluxation in an evidence informed model in part by ignoring the evidence in support of objective, valid and reliable measures of components of vertebral subluxation.

Not a single chiropractic educational program anywhere in the world has issued any public response to the GCC Education Standards.

The majority of the European Schools have already embraced and signed on to the International Chiropractic Education Collaboration Clinical and Professional Chiropractic Education Position Statement, which is a group of 13 chiropractic institutions that have renounced subluxation around the world. This document is based upon and supports the theme of the World Federation of Chiropractic's Educational Statement formulated in November 2014. (CLICK HERE for a list of the schools) 

Among other things, the anti-subluxation hate group's Position Statement includes:

“The teaching of vertebral subluxation complex as a vitalistic construct that claims that it is the cause of disease is unsupported by evidence. Its inclusion in a modern chiropractic curriculum in anything other than an historical context is therefore inappropriate and unnecessary.”

They additionally assert:

“Practice styles, which may contribute to inappropriate patient dependence, compromise patient confidentiality or require repeated exposure to ionising radiation are not part of an undergraduate chiropractic curriculum. Students should be taught to recognise that such approaches are not acceptable in terms of the best interests of patients or the chiropractic profession.”

The organizations define "Practice styles" as referring

". . . to routine ‘high volume’ chiropractic care models, ‘open plan’ chiropractic care models and the delivery of unsubstantiated ‘treatment packages’ or clinical techniques."

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Responding to the ongoing and increasingly antagonistic attacks on the faction of chiropractic that practices in a subluxation model nearly 40 entities representing trade associations, businesses, consultants, and schools have signed on to a series of Resolutions demanding a stop to the monopoly control of the profession by a Cartel. 

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