Washington State Board Chair Folweiler Stated he was going to "Deal With" Chiropractors who are Anti-Vax & Anti-Mask

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Washington State Board Chair Folweiler Stated he was going to "Deal With" Chiropractors who are Anti-Vax & Anti-Mask

Did the Board Know and Did he Recuse Himself from Related Complaints?

According to Facebook posts made by Washington State Chiropractic Quality Assurance Commission Chairman David Folweiler DC chiropractors who are "antivaxxers" make him "really angry" and chiropractors who are "anti-maskers" also "make me mad". In the posts, he vowed to "deal with" antivaxxers and anti-maskers as "Chair of the Licensing Commission."

The posts, which were made around February 2021, accompany a picture of Folweiler being injected with what he described as a "syringe full of hope today"

As many chiropractors in Washington State are aware, the Quality Assurance Commission that regulates chiropractors in the state went after chiropractors who allegedly did not comply with what were widely believed to be unconstitutional and unscientific COVID orders related to masking, sanitation and vaccination.

According to communications with the Chiropractic Commission regarding an open records request, over 400 complaints related to the mandates were received involving chiropractors. It is currently unknown how much money in terms of fines were levied against chiropractors for alleged noncompliance nor is it known whether Folweiler was involved in adjudicating any of those complaints.

According to sources, the Chiropractic Commission was made aware of Folweiler's posts at the time. Whether or not he was forced to recuse himself given the prejudice, animosity and fear he expressed against those he regulates is not yet known.

Despite the fact that research had already shown at the time that the mandates, such as masking, were not backed up by the scientific literature, none of the chiropractors on the board apparently spoke up and addressed the unscientific nature of the measures. Instead, they sanctioned potentially hundreds of chiropractors and may have done so under Folweiler's hysterical urging.

In fact, there are still chiropractors in Washington State as of this writing undergoing investigation for allegedly failing to comply with mandates.

Previous reports showed that chiropractic leaders in Washington State admonished chiropractors there to follow what were widely believed to be unscientific and unconstitutional mandates out of their fear that the Governor would take legal or other action against the board and that chiropractors would lose their practice rights if they did not comply. So instead of standing up and defending chiropractors based on the truth - they went after those chiropractors. And if Folweiler's hysterics are any evidence, they did so with a vengeance.

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The obscene lack of leadership in Washington state mirrors similar failures of leadership throughout the chiropractic profession during the "pandemic". Across the United States and other countries thousands of chiropractors were hauled before regulatory boards run by chiropractors and threatened, sanctioned and fined for not complying with what are widely believed to be unscientific and unconstitutional mandates.

Those actions also included all of the complaints pursued by chiropractic boards against chiropractors who educated their patients about the role of chiropractic and the nervous system in immune function after the World Federation of Chiropractic, American Chiropractic Association and Parker University declared there was no credible evidence of such a relationship. Those claims have since been widely debunked and rejected by the profession.

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Folweiler is a member of the American Chiropractic Association and in addition to serving on the Quality Assurance Commission he serves on the Industrial Insurance Chiropractic Advisory Committee.

Chiropractors, especially those in Washington State who were hauled before the Commission, are urged to discuss Folweiler's comments with their attorneys in regards to possible redress.

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