FCLB President Campion's Deposition Excerpts Released

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FCLB President Campion's Deposition Excerpts Released

Testimony Exposes Favoritism and Power Plays in Chiropractic Regulation

The recent release of the deposition of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board's President Karen Campion DC in the Vanterpool case peels back the layers of chiropractic politics, revealing a world where favoritism and power struggles reign supreme. For anyone delving into the nuances of this deposition and the larger case, it's clear that the politics within the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB) are far from straightforward, especially when it comes to the treatment of Keita Vanterpool DC compared to her peers.

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The Chiropractic Summit Snub: A Catalyst for Conflict

At the heart of this controversy lies a seemingly innocuous incident – Dr. Vanterpool's attendance at a Chiropractic Summit meeting in August 2021. This act, bypassing then-president Dr. Winkler's authority, sparked a chain reaction leading to Dr. Vanterpool's suspension. It's hard not to see this as a power play, a stark reminder that in the world of chiropractic politics, stepping out of line, even inadvertently, can have serious repercussions.

The Summit Group: A Secretive Alliance?

The FCLB's "partnership" with the Summit group raises questions about transparency and accountability in chiropractic regulation. Such secrecy is at odds with the open community spirit Campion recently tried to impress upon her "Friends in Regulation" through a holiday letter of "thanks". 

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In the face of legal challenges, this alliance with the Summit appears more as a shield from scrutiny rather than a step toward communal betterment. Attempts to reach the Summit through its Executive Director Lisa Love-Smith have been ignored. Questions include: How does one become a member of the Summit? Who are the current members of the Summit? When and where are the meetings? What are the rules for the Summit members? We understand that members of the Summit are not allowed to talk about what goes on within the Summit.  The URL for the Summit (chirosummit.org) returns a FORBIDDEN message. Why all the secrecy if there is nothing nefarious going on?

Disciplinary Disparities: A Tale of Two Standards

Campion's deposition underscores a troubling disparity in how disciplinary actions are meted out within the FCLB. Dr. Vanterpool, for example, received no prior notice before being disciplined in her absence. Contrast this with the treatment of other FCLB members, such as Dr. Grossman and Dr. Tays, who seemingly received more lenient or preferential treatment for their alleged transgressions. Not only did the FCLB Board meet to sanction Vanterpool but they did so without her present and without notice that they would be doing so. There were no minutes taken during the disciplinary meeting and not a single board member claims to have taken any notes except for the attorney who sits on the FCLB Board. The attorney notes finally had to be turned over to Vanterpool's attorneys after the FCLB tried to exclude them from discovery. All of this raises questions about the consistency and fairness of the FCLB's disciplinary processes.

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Campion's Role: A Glimpse Into the Inner Workings

Dr. Campion, with her extensive involvement in the Federation since around 2013 and being elected as FCLB President in 2023, offers a unique perspective on these internal dynamics - not just within the FCLB but in the related organizations she has been involved in. Her involvement on the Texas state regulatory board, NBCE and FCLB serve as examples of the incestuous and questionable ethical and legal relationships amongst these private, for profit and non profit organizations and government agencies. Add student loan money, state tax dollars and monopolistic practices to this mix and you get a cauldron of concerns about the leadership within chiropractic. 

Her deposition testimony provides insights into the committee work, integrity checks, and the decision-making processes within the FCLB. Notably, her own experience with inadvertently sending out unratified meeting minutes – a mistake that led to no disciplinary action against her – further highlights the uneven application of rules within the organization.

Campion was pressed repeatedly in her deposition by opposing counsel regarding the alleged behavior by Vanterpool that led to her suspension. In her deposition, in addition to the Summit snub, Campion discussed her personal observations regarding Dr. Vanterpool's professional conduct. When asked about witnessing any unprofessional behavior by Vanterpool, Campion claims that she had observed what she considered to be improper conduct, particularly during an executive session of the Board when Vanterpool confronted the Board about their behavior. Campion felt Vanterpool's behavior was disrespectful towards board members and staff, characterizing it as inappropriate. Campion mentioned an incident in March 2022 where Vanterpool was accusatory towards the Board during the session. Dr. Campion's testimony suggested that Vanterpool's conduct was out of line with the expected standards of behavior for the board, highlighting a moment of significant tension and disagreement within the Federation. 

The Chiropractic Cartel: An Allegation of Exclusivity

One cannot ignore the overarching theme of exclusivity and control that emerges from this deposition. The term "Chiropractic Cartel" has been bandied about within chiropractic and even the US Department of Education, suggesting a clandestine group holding sway over the profession's direction and gatekeeping the all-important seats at the chiropractic political table. The consequences of not aligning with this power structure appear to be severe, as evidenced by Dr. Vanterpool's experience.

A Call for Transparency and Fairness

The release of Campion's deposition in the Vanterpool case opens a window into the opaque world of chiropractic regulation and related politics. It reveals a landscape where power and politics often overshadow principles of fairness and transparency. For a profession dedicated to healing and wellness, the chiropractic community must address these issues head-on, ensuring that its regulatory bodies operate with the same integrity and ethical standards they expect from their practitioners. As this story unfolds, one thing is clear: the world of chiropractic politics is as complex and fraught with intrigue as any political arena.

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