Championing Chiropractic: Simon Senzon's Academic and Research Excellence

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Championing Chiropractic: Simon Senzon's Academic and Research Excellence

From the "Defender of Chiropractic" Award to the Chancellor’s Medal – A Journey of Dedication and Discovery

Simon Senzon DC, Ph.D, an esteemed figure in the chiropractic profession, has recently been honored with two prestigious accolades, marking his significant contributions to the field. His relentless pursuit of truth and dedication to the profession has earned him both the "Defender of Chiropractic" Award from the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation (FVS) and the Chancellor’s Medal for Outstanding PhD Thesis from Southern Cross University.

Senzon, who completed his Ph.D. at Southern Cross University in Australia through a Fellowship with the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation (FVS), has dedicated his scholarly work to correcting misconceptions and erroneous claims in the literature about vertebral subluxation. His dissertation, a ground-breaking exploration of the historical and scientific narratives surrounding chiropractic, sheds light on the inaccuracies propagated by "subluxation deniers." These deniers have long influenced the peer-reviewed literature, often leading to misrepresentations of the chiropractic profession in both regulatory policies and public perception.

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH, Vice President of the FVS, highlights the importance of Senzon's work, noting its potential to correct long-standing biases in the scientific community and improve the overall understanding of chiropractic care. Christopher Kent DC, JD, President of the FVS, also praises Senzon’s deep knowledge and dedication to setting the record straight.

Dr. Senzon's PhD thesis, titled 'Truth, Lies, and Chiropractic,' is described as a 'tour de force.' It offers a comprehensive analysis of the chiropractic identity literature, paving a new way for future research in the field. His innovative approach and methodological rigor have been acclaimed as having the potential to influence not just chiropractic studies but other professions as well.

At the Gold Coast graduation ceremonies, Dr. Senzon was awarded the Chancellor’s Medal by Chancellor Sandra McPhee, a recognition that left him both humbled and exhilarated. His thesis supervisor, Southern Cross University Emeritus Professor Stephen Myers, commended the thesis for its exceptional depth and its potential to serve as a landmark study in integral theory research.

Integral theory, a framework for examining human experiences from multiple perspectives, was central to Senzon's research. By applying this theory, Senzon dissected the chiropractic identity literature, developing new scientific tools to analyze and map influential papers and themes within the field.

Dr. Senzon's academic journey at Southern Cross University was characterized by flexibility and support, enabling him to incorporate his extensive prior publications into his thesis. The university's Faculty of Health, known for its engagement with chiropractic professionals, provided an ideal environment for his research.

Additionally, Dr. Senzon expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of his PhD supervisors, both from Southern Cross University and external mentors. His achievement at the graduation ceremony was further sweetened by witnessing his lead supervisor, Stephen Myers, being honored as Professor Emeritus.

Dr. Senzon's commitment to chiropractic education extends beyond his academic pursuits. He founded The Institute Chiropractic (TIC) in 2016, offering an online learning center for chiropractors worldwide. TIC’s mission is to provide a common knowledge base about chiropractic's history and ideas, addressing the lack of a standardized curriculum in these areas within the profession.

Through his scholarly work, educational initiatives, and unwavering dedication, Dr. Simon Senzon stands as a beacon in the chiropractic community, championing the truth and advancing the profession's standing in the scientific and academic arenas. His journey from being a defender of chiropractic principles to a celebrated academician exemplifies his commitment to truth, scholarship, and the chiropractic profession.

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