ECU Chastises Dutch Chiropractic Federation & ICA

Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation
ECU Chastises Dutch Chiropractic Federation & ICA

Alleges Groups are Uninformed & Violated WFC Policy

In a letter responding to events that unfolded in the Netherlands over concerns that cervical manipulation would be banned by the Health Inspectorate Øystein Ogre, D.C. President of the European Chiropractic Union, made the following statements:

"However, the ECU is concerned that actions from overseas organisations over  this issue ran contrary to the 1999 WFC Policy Statement on Non-Interference and Respect for National Authority. With the DCF having confirmed that it turned to its parent organisation in the United States, the ICA, the correct approach would have been for the ICA to respect WFC Policy and refrain from interference in what was a highly sensitive matter. Instead, it appears that the ICA, and organisations affiliated with it, advocated a policy of bombarding the IGZ with uninformed correspondence that may have derailed the NCA’s professional, evidence-based and ultimately successful strategy. The ECU regrets the actions of the ICA in this matter and hopes that in future, the sovereignty of ECU and WFC national association members will be duly respected."

The International Chiropractors Association had responded to requests for assistance by ICA members in the Netherlands. According to the ICA, they had been contacted by “a record number of its more than 100 members in the Netherlands” and as a result had prepared a response to concerns regarding cervical spine care.


Without going into any detail or sharing what information the ECU and/or the Netherlands Chiropractic Association gave to the Health inspectorate, the ECU simply claims in their letter that it was solely their submissions that turned the tide and resolved the issue.

There are two additional chiropractic organizations representing chiropractors in the Netherlands: the Dutch Chiropractic Federation and the Christian Chiropractors Association. Without stating why, Dr. Ogre stated in his letter that the ECU does not recognize either of these organizations.

Ogre is a well known subluxation denier within the chiropractic community who portrays those who practice this way as religious zealots. The ECU along with the World Federation of Chiropractic considered to be part of the Chiropractic Cartel and has been steadily changing the nature of the chiropractic profession in Europe toward a more allopathic model for some time now.  The WFC adopted a Policy on Non-Interference many years ago and despite the fact that it has absolutely no enforcement powers and that the policy is effectively meaningless, organizations that are willing, dues paying members of the WFC must abide by the Policy.  


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